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June 12-17, 2018
5 and a half days full of warmth

I never really enjoyed beaches when I was younger. I burn easily and didn’t know how to swim until around 2017 (self-taught! haha!), so being around water that was more than 4ft deep while basking in the sun was something I was afraid of. Categorizing myself as more of a mountain person in the past, trips to the beach were rare. I don’t know what changed my mind; I still love the mountains, but now I often find myself craving for sun, sand, and sea.

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part ii: Iceland

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Finally sharing the second half of my adventure in Iceland! As with most of the trip the weather was pretty gloomy with light rain showers everyday (this of course meant we saw rainbows everyday too!) The sun showed up about only 3 times for short periods during the whole trip, and we were thankful for the warmth even if it only lasted for a few minutes. With weather so unpredictable, it really was a challenge to take pictures but I would say that this second half of the trip was the half I enjoyed more because of all the nature, so here are some photos and words to accompany them.

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on one afternoon..

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February 23, 2019
My best friend Janelle and I just wanted to see each other for a bit since we haven’t had the chance to hang out for a while. We decided to make a smoothie bowl but we didn’t really prepare for it due to the lack of time and just used what we had in my fridge.

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