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the day I met Fiel

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After Dawn has always been a brand centered on the intimacy between our relationship with coastal spaces and the rawness of untouched lands. Still, the metro is our base and respite at home is important, too. In this look book we explore staying in and what it could mean to different types of people: resurgence, moments of self-reflection, and the joys of simply being with yourself.

holiday painting

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Just another short post where I share some photos I took of a painting session with my friends. I’ve never taken formal painting classes but painting is something I enjoy casually especially if the medium is acrylic. I’m not much of an illustrator either so most of my paintings turn out abstract unless I’m copying something directly.

a visual telling of nature’s playground

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May 15-18, 2015A week before our arrival a typhoon had struck Batanes. Storms frequent this area and that’s why the nothernmost province of the Philippines is known as Nature’s Playground. It’s been more than 4 years since I’ve been there now that I’m sharing these photos, and to be honest I can’t remember most of the details of this trip except that I was happy to be there. That being said, I don’t mean for […]

first light with Ariza

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It’s 6am on January 6th and we find ourselves on a boat to a cove we’ve never seen or heard of before. The chilly sea breeze caresses our skin with closest thing we’ll ever have to winter in the tropics, and we embrace it because we know it’ll be gone too soon. In a month or two, the summer sun will be by our sides once again.