holiday painting

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Just another short post where I share some photos I took of a painting session with my friends. I’ve never taken formal painting classes but painting is something I enjoy casually especially if the medium is acrylic. I’m not much of an illustrator either so most of my paintings turn out abstract unless I’m copying something directly.

JJ’s work which was inspired by the Jungfraujoch. I helped him a bit with this one hehe!

Loved all the paintings! I regret not taking individual photos of everyone’s work so that you could see the details. We plan to do this again anyway so next time I’ll make sure to do that for documentation purposes, just to see how much we’ve improved over time.

If you’re looking to do this yourself, I highly recommend Deovir for art materials. There’s lots to choose from in terms of canvas, paint, brushes, etc. and they’re priced reasonably. They’ve got all kinds of art stuff that isn’t limited to just painting, so check it out if you ever feel like playing around with your creativity.

x Alexis

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Photographer and visual artist from the Philippines.

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