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May 15-18, 2015
A week before our arrival a typhoon had struck Batanes. Storms frequent this area and that’s why the nothernmost province of the Philippines is known as Nature’s Playground. It’s been more than 4 years since I’ve been there now that I’m sharing these photos, and to be honest I can’t remember most of the details of this trip except that I was happy to be there.

That being said, I don’t mean for this post to be wordy and full of detail or to serve as a travel guide. Instead, I hope these pictures inspire you to visit Batanes if you haven’t or evoke your own memories of it if you have.

outside Brandon’s Lodging, where we stayed
I recommend staying elsewhere though
the Vayang Rolling Hills, one of my favorite stops

Life here is very simple. The roads are one way; if you happen to run into someone going the opposite direction, one of you is going to have to give way. Oddly, the people here don’t mind having to backtrack down a winding road on the edge of a cliff just so the other vehicle could pass. If this scenario happened in Metro Manila a fight might have already broken out. Shops and other establishments close early; the people here value peace and quiet. If you’re someone who enjoys laid back travel and a lot of nature then Batanes is perfect for you.

Valugan Bay
mother dearest posing next to the Nakabuang Arc in Morong Beach, Sabtang
swimming here is an option
the lighthouse of Sabtang Island
amazing rock formations at the Chawa View Deck
Marlboro Country
at Fundación Pacita, here we enjoyed some coffee and afternoon snacks

We were told by our guide that the local government of Batanes has been rejecting businessmen from building commercial establishments in their province to avoid the destruction of nature. I wonder if anything has changed since then. If you’ve been there recently, let me know!

Travel Agency Uni Orient Travel
Airline Philippine Airlines
Lodging Brandon’s Lodging and Restaurant

x Alexis

The Author

Photographer and visual artist from the Philippines.


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