first light with Ariza

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It’s 6am on January 6th and we find ourselves on a boat to a cove we’ve never seen or heard of before. The chilly sea breeze caresses our skin with closest thing we’ll ever have to winter in the tropics, and we embrace it because we know it’ll be gone too soon. In a month or two, the summer sun will be by our sides once again.

Perhaps my favorite After Dawn beach shoot to date. We had limited space to play around with but we were lucky to have this side of the cove all to ourselves. I really loved the raw feel to it, so we focused more on shooting next to rocks and shadows for more textures and dimensions.

January 6, 2019
Muse Ariza Francisco
Swimwear After Dawn
Assisted by Frenchi Baluyot, Candice Chua
Special thanks to James Qua, John Jao

x Alexis

The Author

Photographer and visual artist from the Philippines.


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