the 6 in La Union

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My best friend Frenchi and I had just come from the beach last January to do work for our brand After Dawn Swimwear, but we’ve been craving for a beach trip that wasn’t work-related for the longest time. We finally found the time, place, and companions during the February long weekend and it was so much fun.

I normally would bring my SLR to my trips, but for this one I felt that I really just needed to relax and not think too much about taking photos so I could ~live in the moment~ instead. So after a long internal debate, I decided that my phone would be enough just to document a few memories without the hassle of extra baggage.

Thank you Frenchi, Lanz, Pat, Keith, JJ, Camer, & Danica!

Lodging San Juan Surf Resort
Camera Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 9

x Alexis

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Photographer and visual artist from the Philippines.


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