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Sharing some photos of Hong Kong through the years 2014 to 2017. I visit this country on a yearly basis and I love it. My dad is a native to Hong Kong and so we’ve never explored it as “tourists.” I’ve taken many photos over the years but these ones are some of my favorites which showcase what Hong Kong is to me: a pastel urban jungle.

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Dad being cute inside the Airport Express Train, 2017

The Hong Kong International Airport is one of my favorite airports because it’s massive and super duper clean. You’ll find lots of shops and places to eat here!

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Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

Seen above are some snaps taken during our 2015 visit to the Hong Kong Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui, the whole place is pink and the structure is really unique. It’s a nice place to roam around, Victoria Harbor is close by so you can enjoy a skyline view when it’s not too hot.

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The whole country is a pastel city that harmonizes with mountainous landscapes. There are a lot of hiking trails, which I’ve yet to experience but should make it a point to explore with friends.

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EAST Hotel, Quarry Bay Urban Room View (September 2015)
2018-08-09 12.10.46 2
2018-08-09 12.09.07 1

The next time I go on a trip anywhere I’ll make sure to document pictures of local food, it’s something I tend to not do in general. The last time I was in HK I did take this photo of I Cremeria’s Lavender Ice Cream because it looked so pretty! It’s not a local brand (I believe it’s Japanese?) but it was my first time trying out this flavor in an ice cream and I really liked it.

2018-08-09 12.38.42 1
Lavender Ice Cream from I Cremeria found in Langham Place Shopping Mall, Mongkok, Hong Kong. (June 2017)

Excited to be back in November!

x Alexis

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Photographer and visual artist from the Philippines.

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